SAFFI TRAVELS (PVT) LIMITED | Enrollment No.1207/P | Tourism Licence: PR-3128 | Munazim No.4638 |
SAFFI TRAVELS (PVT) LIMITED | Enrollment No.1207/P | Tourism Licence: PR-3128 | Munazim No.4638 |

About Us


Our Great Story

Saffi Travels Pvt Ltd have achieved many great successes in its goals to provide the best available services to the Guests of Allah at a minimum price. These successes were made possible through the support of our valuable clients, the pilgrims.

Without any advertisement, our Hajj Group is increasing in size over the years. All these Hajjis would bear witness to the fact that we did our utmost to make their Hajj as smooth and comfortable as possible.

The pilgrims of our Group have benefited the services of our Group and have performed Hajj with 24 hours presence of our Directors and Religious scholars.

Saffi Travels Pvt Ltd is a travel agency as well as Hajj and Umrah service provider. We provide detailed and reliable information to the tourists, business people and individuals to help them make intelligent decisions allied to their journey. At Emad travel, we strive to build healthy relationships with our customers. We ensure to provide the best possible deals to our customers. We have a highly skilled, qualified and professional staff backed by the latest technology and proper infrastructure. We always seek for customer convenience and satisfaction, enabling us to be one step ahead of our competitors.

Being an IATA certified concern, we also deal in all International & Domestic Tickets.


The Hajj that is a pilgrimage to Makkah is the largest annual pilgrimage in the world. In its size and global scope, the Hajj is the greatest single ritual celebration, not just of Islam, but of any religion anywhere. It is the fifth pillar of Islam, an obligation that must be carried out at a specific place during a specific time and at least once in the lifetime by every able-bodied Muslim who can afford to do so. It is a presentation of the commonness of the Muslim people and their submission to God.


Dedicated Support Team

Our personalized tour plans are designed for relaxation, to rejuvenate your energy and to send your precious time with your loved ones in a remember-able way…